Wingmakers is a book of poetry combining poems and prose written by me. The theme is to seamlessly blend my love for birds and myths while giving a different perspective of the myths themselves through the eyes of the muse, Urania, as well as the birds.

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Short Stories



“…An artist of the truest sense of the word. Her words invoke images beyond the senses, going directly to the spirit. Her work colors my soul.” William Wolcott

“Britny Doane dances in a circle of her own light. She is the very embodiment of precocity, as old a soul as one could know. Her clauses traipse the liminal spaces between the physical and the psychical, spiral from feathers and waves to constellations and mythos. Prophetess of the infinitude within and without us, she speaks with an oracle’s voice, but she is no Cassandra: her scryings may only be heeded. This poet is large; she contains multitudes.” Todd Robinson