About the book

Wingmakers is a collection of poetry combining poems and prose written by me and illustrations by David H.L. Burton. The theme is to seamlessly blend my love for birds and myths while giving a different perspective of the myths themselves through the eyes of the muse, Urania, as well as the birds. Each of the poems takes on a persona of one of the bird constellations, including Draco and Pegasus. Instead of giving a foot note type of explanation to the myths, I have added prose pieces, in the persona of Urania, while remaining in conversation with the poems. Along with giving a different perspective on mythology, the birds are also very human, alluding to the difficulties of the human condition. One of the unique aspects of Wingmakers is that it incorporates not only Greek mythology, but mythology from different cultures, worldwide. It is my intent to show that all myths are connected. In the world of poetry Wingmakers is important because it explores new ways to incorporate the world mythologies that have forged and shaped the realities we live in today. However, Wingmakers is important to the everyday world as well. If you fund Wingmakers, not only will you be helping dreams come true, you will be bringing culture, and a new way of understanding history and mythology to yearning hearts and minds.

Illustrations by David H. L. Burton

By David H. L. Burton
By David H. L. Burton
By David H. L. Burton
By David H. L. Burton

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