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Britny Cordera Doane is the youngest author to have a book published in the history of the University of Nebraska at Omaha. Her poetry has been featured in UNO’s 13th Floor literary magazine, the Mythic Poetry Series by Silver Birch Press, the Women for Women international publication: Forget Me Not, and most recently in both the Fall 2014 and May 2015 Pinyon Reviews. Her maiden voyage, Wingmakers, was published by Pinyon Publishing in February 2015. Known locally as the Old Market Poet, she is often set up with her typewriter, in Omaha’s Old Market district, sharing her work with others.

Britny Cordera Doane

July 10, 2015 by

Photography by Bill Sitzmann

This article appears in July/August 2015 The Encounter.


You may have seen Britny Cordera Doane sitting with her typewriter on Howard Street in the Old Market. The “Old Market Poet” is a common sight, typing up poems on commission.


“I’ve always been interested in doing something with the community in the Old Market, like the musicians do,” she says. “It’s really fun going out there and meeting different people and running into people I know already.”


“Interested” might be the key word here, because the 21-year-old Cordera certainly has many interests. Cordera has been a street poet for almost three years, since she graduated from high school in 2012. You can count on her being in the Old Market most days, weather permitting; barring days when she has school (she’s a full-time student at UNO, studying creative writing and religious studies).


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Typewriter isn’t just a prop for Old Market street poet

By Michael Kelly – World-Herald columnist AUGUST 3, 2014  

On a cool summer evening in the Old Market, a faint but familiar noise snapped through the night. To be sure, a pleasant sound from the past. A clatter, yet with cadence and rhythm, punctuated by an occasional “ding.” As I walked nearer on Howard Street’s wide sidewalk, the source became clear, and I smiled. It was shiny and black and metallic. In the age of high technology, I beheld — a typewriter. And I met Britny Doane, the “Old Market Poet.”


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“To Apollo & For the Moon,” 13th Floor Magazine Summer 2014 Editors’ Edition.

“Dreams,” published by Women for Women international publication: Forget Me Not.

“The Sensualist,” published by Pinyon Review Fall 2014.

“Urania the Stargazer,” published by Silver Birch Press Fall 2014

“The Phoenix,” published by Pinyon Review Spring 2015

Wingmakers, published by Pinyon Publishing in 2015.

“The Ivy-Barer,” to be published in Prairie Margins Fall 2016. 

“Odilon Dreams of Life’s Origins,” “Van Gogh’s Metamorphoses,” “Musings of a Unicorn,” & “Venus Effect with a Skinwalker,” published by Peacock Journal 2016.