Double Book Signing and Reading with Britny Cordera and Connie Spittler

Monday 3:00PM, come join us, at Our Bookstore in the Old Market Passageway for a double signing of Erotica Book Club for Nice Ladies by Connie Spittler-author and Wingmakers by Britny Cordera Doane Old Market Poet.

Connie Spittler’s literary work – The Erotica Book Club for Nice Ladies – is an inventive mix of women’s fiction and mystery, about a stolen ancient book of herbal cures. With the added charm of erotica from classic authors like Emily Dickinson and Elizabeth Barrettt Browning, it’s been called a dizzying and delightful tale, a fantastical romantic mystery of friendship , science, and literature.

In Wingmakers, young poet, Britny Cordera reaches back in time for her lyric and prose poems. Through the eyes of the muse, Urania ,and the creatures of the air embodied within the constellations, dove, owl, dragon, thunderbird, phoenix and others, each poem relates stories and invokes the wisdom of our mythological pasts, sharing the wonders, frailties and concerns of humans.